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The Paso Fino Fiesta at Rancho Pavo Real - Saturday 28th May 2011

The show and clinic days were enjoyed by riders, supported and spectators, and we were lucky enough to dodge most of the showers too! It was wonderful to see some competitive young riders taking part in the junior classes and we hope that juniors and adults alike benefited and learned from the judge's comments on the classes.

The show judge, German Higuera Iriate, made the day even more interesting and informative for competitors and spectators by providing useful insights into the requirements for the classes and how this affected placements.

The lunch time display of three Paso Fino stallions delighted the crowds with their brio and German provided an explanation of the similarities and differenced between the stallions, in particular between performance and pleasure types.

We would like to thank everyone who competed, supported, helped and spectated for making the day such a success.

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The May Fiesta took place on Saturday 28th May 2011 at Rancho Pavo Real, Little Cornard, Suffolk.

Spectators are most welcome. Competition is for PFAUKI members only.
For more information please contact: Yvonne Bowen , tel: 07811 335527

Entry Forms available to download in the panel on the right.

We need show entries for the May show at Rancho Pavo Real returned by 7th May

Friday the 27th May is a clinic day
Sat 28th May is the Show
Sun 29th May is a clinic day
Mon 30th is a clinic day.

Clinic days are free for spectators. The cost to enter a clinic day with a horse is £25; for this you will have a half hr. private lesson, a 45 min group lesson and a seminar. Lunch is included for participants (please note a £3 charge for spectators for lunch is applicable).

Please make sure you have filled in one of the Entry forms, if you haven't please do so. If you have paid for a package then the number you had at the last show will be yours for the show season To enter the classes please tick the boxes on the Class list entry document and return to Yvonne.

It is easier for us to scratch you from a class on the day rather than trying to get entries on the day. If you have paid for a show package then you have unlimited classes anyway; however if you are paying per show then on the day you will have to pay for the classes you wish to enter.

Correct tack and attire will be necessary for the shows and so please remind yourself of this info in our Rule book.

Show Class Schedule:

Start 9.30 am – Main Ring

1.1 (a) Pleasure Amateur Schooling

1.1 (b) Pleasure Amateur Schooling

1.2 Pleasure Amateur Adult

1.3 (a)Pleasure Open Schooling

1.3 (b)Pleasure Open Schooling

1.4 Pleasure Open Adult

1.5 Pleasure Junior Schooling – Open to horses under 60 mths - rider under 18 years old

1.6 Pleasure Junior adult – Open to horses over 60 mths – rider under 18 years old

PLEASURE CHAMPIONSHIP – Horse to have been placed 1st or 2nd in a Pleasure class


2.1 (a) Performance Amateur Schooling

2.1 (b) Performance Amateur Schooling

2.2 Performance Amateur Adult

2.3 (a) Performance Open Schooling

2.3 (b) Performance Open Schooling

2.4 Performance Open Adult

2.5 Performance Junior Schooling

2.6 Performance Junior Adult

PERFORMANCE CHAMPIONSHIP – Horse to have been placed 1st or 2nd in a Performance class


3 Classic Fino

CLASSIC FINO CHAMPIONSHIP - Horse to have been placed 1st or 2nd in Classic Fino

4 Versatility

5 Three Gaits

6.1 Natural Gaiters Schooling

6.2 Natural Gaiters adult

7 Western Pleasure

8 Country pleasure/novice

9 Dressage A

10 Dressage B

11 Dressage C

12 Equitation

13 Four Gaits Class


14.1 Bella Forma: 12-24 mths

14.2 Bella Forma: 24-36 mths

14.3 Bella Forma: 36-72 mths

14.4 Bella Forma: 72 + mths

BELLA FORMA CHAMPIONSHIP – Horse to have been placed 1st or 2nd in Bella Forma.

15 Trail in hand

16 Ridden trail

17 Endurance