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Showing The Paso Fino

Overview of the judging

Click to open PDF viewGenerally, in all gaited classes special attention shall be afforded to the rhythmic consistency and smoothness (calm croup!) of the gaits required. Elegance, headset, balance, quickness, willingness and harmonious front and rear action should be positively considered for the overall evaluation. Tense horses with stiffly held backs and pronounced lower neckline muscles should have a negative influence on the evaluation.

Judges should ask for reverses and/or stops in a walk or Corto (or Trocha/Trote in the respective classes) at any time. Stops may also be required from a Largo.

The evaluation is not based on scores but on placement. The best 8 riders will be placed.

All classes will be shortly commented by the judge after placement. After a class has been pinned, any non-placed horses shall be excused and leave the ring.

At a sufficient number of entries all typical Paso Fino divisions are divided into:

The Fino Strip (sounding board) shall be used for all classes, however, the performance of the horse on the rail shall take priority over the Fino Strip performance.

At the judge’s discretion additional Work Offs can be demanded to support the judge’s evaluation. This is where certain horses are asked to perform certain tasks for further judging.

The Paso Fino is shown in the following three main classes.

Classic Fino Class

This class is judged primarily on the execution of the classic fino gait. Horses will be assessed as they follow the rail, working in both directions, including reverses and halts, cross the sounding board, and performing exercises such as figure eights and serpentines. At all times the horse must exhibit a smooth, balanced, animated and exciting even four beat classic fino gait, executed with brilliance and style.

Performance Class

This class is judged on the execution of the paso corto, paso largo, and collected walk. Additional tests such as serpentines may be required by the judges. The performance Paso Fino exhibits a highly animated action, with a high level of pride, style, elegance and enthusiasm. They will demonstrate a higher action than horses in the other show classes, with an equallyhigh level of spirit. The largo should also be demonstrably faster than the corto, while maintaining balance and harmony. The walk should demonstrate collection, style, and brilliance, without sacrificing cadence, rhythm or animation.

Special attention shall be afforded to brilliance, form, smoothness, and rhythmic consistency.

Pleasure Class

This class is also judged on the execution of the paso corto and paso largo, but with a flat walk. Additional tests such as, dismount and remount, may be required by the judges. The riders style of dismount and remount is not important, and mounting blocks may be used if necessary. Rather emphasis is placed on the horses willingness to stand quietly during the test. The pleasure horse exhibits a lower action than the performance horse, and a more biddable nature. None the less the horse should still perform with brilliance, harmony and style. Transitions between the gaits should be smooth, with the horse displaying no signs of resistance. At the line up the horse will be required to back. Refusal to back will disqualify the horse from placement.

Regardless of the modality (Fino, Performance, Pleasure), the horse should be presented in the show ring performing at 100% of its capability, fully balanced, and working in harmony with its rider.