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Special Displays

Lunch times on Saturday and Sunday there will be special displays including Paso Fino Stallions and performances by Peligros Classical Stud.

Evening performances starting at 6.30 pm

Peligros Classical Stud

Peligros StudThe Peligros Classical Stud was established by Marc Palmer and his family in 2006 and was brought to fruition in 2009.

The objective of the stud was to breed quality and substance over quantity. Marc is passionate about his horses and is happy to share his knowledge of training circus horses for liberty and High School. He has a particular love for the Arabian and Andalusian horses having a couple of beloved stallions.

Marc, whose experience is beyond his age of just 23, is developing a small stud devoted to training and presenting a very 'Spanish' stud keeping to the traditions and variety of life his horses have become used to.

Peligros stud trained stallion on setThe Peligros Classical Stud is a beautiful 17th Century hunting yard hidden in the peaceful hills and countryside of Much Wenlock in Shropshire. Here the art of La Garrocha and Spanish riding is practiced away from the frantic pace of everyday life.

With Circus horse training experience and the knowledge of the art of pure Spanish Garrocha (cattle herding), Marc and his team are able to show the UK how shepherds used traditional techniques to round up and split their cattle, how horses are taught to avoid the blows of a raging bull and of course the good old comedy horse.


The show

If you take away just one thing from Marc’s shows and lectures it should the this:

Enjoy your Horse

Marc will show how any horse can be trained from Shetlands to Warm Bloods. Your horse does not have to be pure Spanish to be pure fun! With an emphasis on working the horse in-hand - a discipline which Marc believes is sadly neglected these days - he will show how he trains his horses for stunt and film work. Tricks include the bow, lying down and of course the film set favorite: rearing and punching the air.

During the show pieces, which will be about one hour, there will also be a demonstration of Western and stunt riding.

We will also be privileged to meet Marc’s 7 year old stallion Mecano who will be performing in his first ever live show. He will be fresh from ‘starring’ in a Scott Matthews pop video. (I’m sure Marc can arrange for you to get autographs after the show).

During the Saturday show Marc will also be giving lectures on Western riding, and in-hand training techniques, and reminding us all - Horses are fun, don’t take them too seriously.